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Kim Hjortholm
"EdgeCrafter is about edge-crafting !"

Identifying and developing edges of products and services.
Edges makes a difference, personal and in products and services

An excellent product and service demands craftsmanship - knowledge, skills and execution!

This is what EdgeCrafter do - developing great services and working with selected clients, who wants to stand out from the crowd

App Crafting
App development for IOS and Android WebService Crafting
Development of webbased services

IT Crafting
Test- and projectmanagementInno Crafting
Buisness innovation services
Edges: "determining the limits of an area" - "a slight competitive advantage"

craftsman (n.) "A man who practices a craft with great skill"

Synonyms of 'craftsmanship': "The technique, style, and quality of work"

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